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Building a Social Media Impact Platform and Online Branding in Neurosurgery
Course Overview

As social media (#SoMe) has become increasingly integrated into daily life, the importance of developing and maintaining a professional online presence has increased. Although initially designed for enhancing interpersonal and community communications, #SoMe has emerged as a key modality for maintaining engagement with a broad range of audiences critical to the medical field, including subspecialty colleagues in other locations or practice environments, patients and families, advocacy groups, peer-reviewed journals and the scientific community at large. In spite of the robust growth observed in physician spaces across numerous sites, #SoMe utilization among neurosurgeons remains relatively limited, an observation that surgeons attribute to limited time, perceived lack-of-benefit and concerns over personal or professional privacy.

This webinar addresses two key concepts:

  1. Education regarding the potential professional, educational and service benefits of #SoMe engagement.
  2. A practical introduction to the core #SoMe platforms.

Additional content provides "How-To" resources on getting started, increasing visibility and engagement online and translating #SoMe status into academic or clinical gains.


Principal Faculty

  • James K. Liu, MD, FAANS
  • Joshua B. Bederson, MD, FAANS
  • Joseph R. Linzey, MD, MS
  • Faith C. Robertson, MD
  • Christopher Salvatore Graffeo, MD
  • Pascal Marcel Jabbour, MD, FAANS
Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify evidence of patient interaction and reception of the neurosurgical online community.
  • Use tips on practice building and brand awareness through social media.
  • Identify the basics of online digital and social media terms and functions with the major #SoMe platforms and establishing a presence to engage with the neurosurgical community on each platform.
  • Illustrate key strategies and techniques for efficiently cultivating a robust #SoMe presence with limited time and resources.
  • Identify critical pearls and pitfalls for early success as a neurosurgeon on #SoMe, emphasizing protection of personal and patient privacy.
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: Member: $49.00
Non-Member: $79.00
Resident: $49.00
Credit Offered:
2.25 CME Credits
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